• Melody Trice

My Truth

I was hidden behind the mask! One thing I would say during this cleanse is that I realized that I had developed a relationship with “comfort” foods since I was a child. I remember as a child during dinner times or holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving I ate my favorite dishes and desserts, not realizing that those happy moments became forever etched into my psyche. So when I needed to be comforted and feel good about me, food was my go to, it did what I believed in my mind to do. During this cleanse if you really allow it to show you, “You.” You will see what really causes you to make the food choices and why. Why do I eat this instead of something healthy? Is it something deeper going on with me. Is there some unresolved problems. Because the food, it makes you feel good, even if it’s for a moment. But, the after effect is detrimental to my health. This is a lifestyle change. I want to live my life unlimited! Finding what caused me to be in that unhealthy lifestyle in the first place. I knew then healing had to come. So from that it made me aware so I don’t allow it to happen again. Healthy and happy is living your best


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