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Black History Moment

Blacks may not have been given equal footing in society, but that did not stop African-Americans from achieving great advances. Because they were marginalized, blacks frequently occupied roles that were not given much value at the time.

Perhaps due to the contribution of blacks, we have come to value artists, inventors and athletes much more in modern society. Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington and other black musicians made the United States the birthplace of a new form of music called jazz. These geniuses were artists and musical inventors!

Elijah McCoy invented an oil drip can design that was so good, only his design was called the Real McCoy. Lewis Latimer worked in the laboratories of Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell and was instrumental in inventing the electric light. George Washington Carver, who was born a slave, went on to invent peanut butter and more than 400 products made from plants.

Jesse Owens is another important figure from Black History. Owens ran in the Olympics in Nazi Germany and showed Hitler that blacks could equal or better their white counterparts in sports. Athletes such as Owens, and baseball players such as Jackie Robinson and Hank Aaron, had two difficult roles. Firstly, they had to put up with the discrimination they felt in sports, and secondly they had to perform on the field.

Sports are an important part of Black History and there are many Black History facts relating to sports. The ending of segregation in sports pre-dated the ending of segregation in society at large, and black athletes helped to raise public awareness of civil rights.

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